JULY 5, 1980
ZZ TOP were Headliners for both Rock Super Bowl's IX and XVIII.

ZZ TOP had evolved into a full stadium SELL OUT act ! On their "Expect No Quarter" tour promoting their "DEGUELLO" album they
opened each show with a cover of Sam & Dave's "I Thank You" which often segued into "Waitin' for the Bus" and "Jesus Just Left
Chicago". The band performed in coliseums from 1979 through 1981. Unlike the previous Worldwide Texas Tour, the Expect No Quarter
Tour's stage set was simple and featured a drum riser with an animated screen of the band's logo. The tour saw band members

Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill sport chest-length beards.

The "
Expect No Quarter" Tour had three legs and consisted of 79 shows. The tour took ZZ Top to Europe for the first time. Their set list
of songs included material from Degüello and their previous albums, along with several covers. A concert in Essen, Germany was filmed
as part of the Rockpalast German television series, and was included on the ZZ Top DVD Double Down Live released in October 2009.