MAY 27, 1979


1. Rock n Roll Band
2. Shattered Images
3. Peace of Mind
4. Feeling Satisfied
5. Dont Look Back
6. The Journey
7. More Than A Feeling
8. Instrumental
9. A Man I'll Never Be
10. Smokin
11. Guitar Solo
12. Foreplay / Long Time
13. Something About You
14. Party
15. Television Politician
16. Dont Be Afraid


1. Live Wire
2. Problem Child
3. Sin City
4. Bad Boy Boogie
5. The Jack
6. Highway To Hell
7. Rocker
8. Dog Eat Dog
9. Whole Lotta Rosie
10. Let There Be Rock
They were just another band out of BOSTON ! And on May 27 they took off at the
Tangerine Bowl on their "Don't Look Back" World Tour !
This band really made Rock.... Roll.... but with the suicide death of lead singer Brad
Delp on March 9, 2007 The Band
BOSTON will never be the same.

Supporting act
THE DOOBIE BROTHERS were on tour promoting their "Minute By
Minute" album and in my opinion the best band lineup ever featuring Michael
McDonald and Jeff "The Skunk" Baxter. This is a mix of
STEELY DAN meets The
And yes the band got its name from smoking
DOOBIES together ...thats marijuana
joints for some that may not follow that stuff.

POCO has had several famous band members such as Randy Meisner who left the
band to join
THE EAGLES and he was replaced by Timothy B.Schmidt. Randy
Meisner left
THE EAGLES and was replaced by Timothy B. Schmidt....
how ironic is that ?
Randy Meisner wrote and sings
THE EAGLES hit "Take It To The Limit"

AC/DC Let there be Rock ! This would be Bon Scott's last show ever in Florida as he
died on February 19, 1980. On tour promoting their "Highway To Hell" release they
rocked this festival to extremes. After Bon's death the band dedicated their next
album "Back In Black" and the hit single "Hell's Bell's" to Bon as they figured he didn't
make it to Heaven.


1. Jesus Is Just Alright
2. Take me In Your Arms
3. Long Train Running
4. Sweet Maxine
5. Open Your Eyes
6. It Keeps You Runnin
7. Echoes Of Love
8. Neals Fandango
9. Minute By Minute
10. Black Water
11. What A Fool Believes
12.Takin It To The Streets
13. China Grove
14. Steamer Lane Breakdown
15. Road Angel
16. Listen To The Music