1. Show Me The Way
2. Putting My Heart On The Line
3. Tried To Love
4. It's A Plain Shame
5. Do You Feel Like We Do ?
6. Road Runner
7. Signed, Sealed, Delivered
8. Jumpin' Jack Flash
9. I'm In You
Rain falls on Rock Super Bowl 3 in Orlando but the fans were still able to Come Alive ! The
cigarette lighters of thousands were fired up for headliner Peter Frampton. Frampton's Comes
Alive album sold over 16 million copies and made Frampton a household name and a Hall of
Fame super star. After Frampton's Comes Alive made album of the year and broke sales records
around the world,  every Rock band released a live album but none could match Frampton's
"Comes Alive" album success.

Supporting act Kansas had just released its fourth album Leftoverture in October 1976 that was by
far their best selling album with the hit  "Carry On Wayward Son". Robby Steinhardt was one of the
founding members of the band who played violin and sang lead vocals. He learned to play music
from his father at the University of Kansas and thats how the band got its name. He also lived in
Tampa, Florida for many years.

Also supporting the festival The J.Geils Band were rocking the event with lead vocalist Peter Wolf
and guitarist J. Geils but at this time had never produced a top 10 single in the USA.

A young Rick Derringer opened the festival with his mega hit "Rock n Roll Hoochie Koo"