NOVEMBER 27, 1982
Set List

1. My Generation
2. Cant Explain
3. Dangerous
4. Sister Disco
5. The Quiet One
6. Its Hard
7. Eminence Front
8. Behind Blue Eyes
9. Baba O'Riley
10. I Can See For Miles
11. Boris The Sider
12. Drowned
13. Tattoo
14. Cry If You Want
15. Who Are You
16. Pinball Wizard
17. See Me Feel Me
18. Love Ain't For Keeping
19. 5.15
20. Love Reign O'er Me
21. Long Live Rock
22. Wont Get Fooled Again
23. Magic Bus
24. Squeeze Box
The 1982 WHO Tour was broke into 2 segments. They would play 25 shows and
then take a 4 week break. The first show of the second leg of the tour (15 Shows)
would bring them to Orlando to headline Rock Super Bowl XVI with a
crowd of 65,000 fans. This would be the last tour with drummer Kenny Jones.

Both Opening Acts
The B-52's and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts were boo'd off
stage causing both bands to exit stage left and cutting their sets in half.
Now thats a tough crowd !

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts were on tour promoting their 2nd album " I love
Rock n Roll " with the top 10 hit of the same name. Joan knows how to rock but
they were boo'd off stage with bruises from all the half full cups and
shoes thrown at the stage.

The B-52's were on tour promoting their new album release " Mesopotamia " and
had a great set list, however they were boo'd off stage only playing 3 songs, with
half full cups and shoes hitting the stage, Lead Singer Fred Schneider had a shoe
hit the side of his head.