MARCH 20, 1982

1. Long Long Way From Home
2. Dirty White Boy
3. Blue Morning Blue Day
4. Women
5. I'll Get Even With You
6. Cold As Ice
7. Head Games
8. Love On The Telephone
9. Headknocker
10. Starrider
11. Urgent
12. Double Vision
13. Juke Box Hero
14. Waiting For A Girl Like You
15. Feels Like The First Time
16. Hot Blooded
After playing a gig at The Knoxville, Tennessee Worlds Fair on March 18 The
Ozzy Osbourne Band
headed to Orlando, Florida to play Rock Super Bowl XIV
with Headliners,
Foreinger and support bands UFO and Bryan Adams. The tour
bus stopped in
Leesburg, Florida just North of Orlando at a Ranch Home with a
private air strip. The tour bus driver was also a pilot and he, Randy and the bands
hairdresser went for a plane ride. While flying the plane
the pilot buzzed Ozzy's tour bus trying to wake him up but the wing
clipped the bus and the plane crashed into a house
and all 3 passengers were instantly killed.
The1982 Knoxville Worlds Fair will be
Randy Rhoads last show.

With the loss of Randy, Ozzy and the band cancelled
Rock Super Bowl XIV
and was replaced by Orlando native Pat Travers.
Before any band touched the stage in Orlando a moment of silence was held before
Rock Super Bowl XIV to honor the death of the legendary Randy Rhoads.
A memorial was built at the spot the plane crashed in Leesburg, Florida.
Foreigner was on tour promoting their " Foreinger 4 " album that produced
major commercial success with hit singles "
Juke Box Hero " and " Urgent  ".
his smash hit "
Snortin Whiskey and Drinking Cocaine ".
UFO had just released " The Wild The Willing and The Innocent " with not
much commercial success....and UFO still rocks !!!!
Bryan Adams was on tour promoting his album " You Want It You Got It ".

1. The Fifth
2. Who'll Take The Fall
3. Life In London
4. Id Rather See You Dead
5. I La La La Love You
6. Amgwanna Kick Booty
7. Cant Stop The Heartaches
8. Snortin Whiskey
9. Rockin
10. Boom Boom Out Go The Lights
11. Sunshine Of Your Love

1. We Belong To The Night
2. Let It Roll
3. Long Gone
4. The Wild The Willing The Innocent
5. Only You Can Rock Me
6. No Place To Run
7. Love To Love
8. The Writer
9. Makin Moves
10. Too Hot To Handle
11. Lights Out
12. Mystery Train
13. Doctor Doctor
This is 8mm Video from ROCK SUPER BOWL XIV
Randy Rhoads last concert ticket March 18,1982 Knoxville, TN
Randy Rhoads cancelled show March 20,1982 Orlando, FL