JULY 4, 1981

1. Dont Let Him Go
2. Like You Do
3. Keep Pushing
4. Only The Strong Survive
5. Tough Guys
6. Time For Me To Fly
7. Take It On The Run
8. Keep On Loving You
9. Roll With The Changes
10. Flying Turkey Trot
11. Say You Love Me
12. Back On The Road Again
13. Riding The Storm Out
14. 157 Riverside Avenue
15. Shaking It Loose

REO SPEEDWAGON released "High Infidelity" in 1980 and then toured in the early 80"s to promote the album

Hi Infidelity is the ninth studio album by REO Speedwagon released in 1980. It went on to become the biggest
selling rock LP of 1981, eventually selling over ten million copies. Six songs from this album hit Billboard charts,
including "Keep On Loving You" which was the band's first Number 1 hit, and "Take It on the Run", which reached
No. 5 on the charts. The album title is a play on the term Hi-Fi, and the album art is an illustration of this pun where
an act of sexual infidelity is occurring while the man is putting a record LP to play on the hi-fi stereo. The song
"Tough Guys" uses an audio clip from the 1938 Our Gang episode Hearts Are Thumps.

THE ROSSINGTON COLLINS BAND on tour to promote their "Beauty on a Backstreet" album but despite touring
constantly and recording albums with efficiency, the duo could not find any pop success for a number of reasons,
mainly because of the popularity of Disco. The Bands lead guitarist G.E. Smith was also the musical director for
Saturday Night Live and eventually became the lead guitarist of Bob Dylan's touring band from June 7, 1988 to
October 19, 1990.

FOGHAT commercial fortunes declined rapidly in the 1980's and the group broke up shortly afterward with Peverett
retiring from the road. The remaining members of the band (Roger Earl, Erik Cartwright, and Craig MacGregor)
continued playing together as the Kneetremblers.

BILLY SQUIER was on tour promoting his latest album "Don't Say Know" It stands as Squier's biggest career
album, including the hits "In the Dark", "Lonely Is the Night", "My Kinda Lover" and "The Stroke". The album hit the
Top Five on the Billboard album chart and remained on the chart for over two years.

1. Stone Blue
2. My Baby
3. Eight Days On The Road
4. Wide Boy
5. Fool For The City
6. Third Time Lucky
7. Honey Hush
8. Live Now Pay Later
9. Slow Ride
10. I Just Wanna Make Love To You