MAY 29, 1981
1. Magic Man
2. BeBe Le Strange
3. Strange Night
4. Raised On You
5. Mistral Wind
6. Lighter Touch
7. Dog & Butterfly
8. Angels
9. Crazy On You
10. Even It Up
11. Straight On
12. Rockin Heaven Down
13. Barracuda
14. Break
15. Rock n Roll
16. Tell It Like It Is
Rock Super Bowl X Headliners *HEART*
were on tour promoting their latest album release
"BeBe Le Strange". It was a cool sunny Orlando day and Heart sounded so crisp
and clean.
Cheap Trick stole this show as they were in the prime of their careers
and they rocked !
Blue Oyster Cult was great but they played before the sun set so
unfortunately the laser light show
"Godzilla" was not the greatest.
Firefall is a fun band to listen to as you can see those 70's songs
flashbacks while listening to them.
UFO kicked ass and should have been higher up on the bill.
2. Go For The Throat
3. Hello There
4. I Want You To Want Me
5. I Love You Honey But I Hate Your Friends
6. Clock Strikes Ten
7. Cant Stop It
8. Baby Loves To Rock
9. Gonna Raise Hell
10. Heaven Tonight
11. Dream Police
12. Aint That A Shames
13. High Priest Of Rhythmic Noise
14. Surrender
15. Who D' King
16. Jost Got Back
17. Day Tripper
18. Love Comes A-Tumblin' Down
Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen came back on stage for their double encore
with a double-neck guitar and jammed to
"Day Tripper" & "Love Comes
A-Tumblin Down".
1. Dr. Music
2. E.T.I
3. Hot Rails To Hell
4. Burnin For You
5. Cities On Flame With Rock n Roll
6. Joan Crawford
7.Screaming Diz-Busters
8. Godzilla
9. Born To Be Wild
10. Dont Fear The Reaper
11. Roadhouse Blues